8 hours white infinity cove studio hire includes all flash or video lights

A full day using the white cove in Leeds, West Yorkshire includes all lights

If you hire the white painted cyclorama studio as an amateur or as a professional for a photo shoot/video shoot; what you need is a space that is clean, free of clutter, and comes with basic things like a kitchen, toilet and changing room, oh and some flash heads…and if you want to create a good impression and look professional in front of your clients/customers, then this space is made for you.

What makes this studio in Leeds special is it’s a studio owned and run by Ady, a photographer himself in Leeds, and he has everything you will ever need for a fashion shoot, a room set, a food shoot….everything!!

Dave Preston a photographer from Putney, London says:

“Much better than the studio I hire in London as it is a private space…you come in and close the door. And you have everything. My elinchrom ring flash was dropped en route to Leeds, and the studio had one I could hire…amazing place, amazing array of flash gear to hire.”


The studio for a photo shoot is set up as standard for you with 3 ceiling mounted Elinchrom flash heads aimed at the rear of the white ceiling. This is for when you use the ‘white zone’ and its set up to be ultra clean for you for cut outs, pack shots, fashion. There is also 3 overhead flash heads for the talent with soft boxes, and then a flash head from the front for the main side/front light. This is a large 1.5m octagonal soft box.

The three sets of lights are all independently powered, so if you want a dark background instead of white, then so be it…voila!

You are the photographer, you do what you want to do. But just put it all back the same as when you entered the studio please. but if you do need some guidance then please chat to Ady.

All Canon cameras hired by us come with a suitable lens – we have 24-105mm, 24-70mm, 70-200mm and shift lens,

krav maga trainers in big browndoors studio leeds