2 hours photography studio training for £100 including flash lights

A full day photo training with Adrian for £250 in Leeds, West Yorkshire at Big Brown Doors Studio.

We have a white infinity cove, that can be turned into a full black zone in 5 minutes. Adrian will teach you from ‘basic lighting’ to being a ‘creative photographer’….with over 30 years working in advertising for companies nationwide, there is nobody better to teach you the ropes.

The studio is set up as standard for fashion photography with 3 ceiling mounted Elinchrom flash heads aimed at the white ceiling at the rear. When you use the ‘white zone’ it is set up to be ultra clean for you for cut outs, pack shots, and fashion. There are 3 overhead flash heads with soft boxes, and then a flash head from the front for the main light. This is a large 1.5m octagonal soft box. The three sets of lights are all independently powered, so if you want a dark background instead of white, then so be it…voila!

You are the trainee photographer now, you do what you want to do!

What gear do we have for you to use?

We have lots and lots; this is some of what we can hire to photographers at Big Brown Doors Studio Hire:
  • Elinchrom S35 sun spot (with flash head) click here
  • Elinchrom Prolinca 4000 ‘zoom elipsoid’ spot light with a 404 flash pack which is included- this is a wicked light and one that I have used hundreds of times. You can use this for projecting shapes, logos, or just soft hard/soft light to hit a small area! Find out more
  • Elinchrom 2/4 D Lites (2 heads) – more information
  • Elinchrom RX 4 D Lites (2 heads) – more information
  • Elinchrom box light – great for still life, beer & food photography – see this light
  • Heavy duty boom arm
  • Tripods
  • Black flag/flags
  • Californian sun bounce reflector
  • Large black/white reflector
  • Grills and reflectors
  • Stands at various sizes
All Canon cameras hired by us come with a suitable lens – we have 24-105mm, 24-70mm, 70-200mm and shift lens,
  • Canon 5DS R – day hire charge £80
  • Canon 90D – day hire charge £80

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