Have a look at this and see the space available…and it has got even better. For videos we have installed new fluorescent lighting in our white zone and it is amazing. And to add to it all we now have two banks of 6 fluorescent daylight tubes hanging from the roof giving amazing front light…wow says Andy Hardwick. Love it want to stay here forever says Liam Oakes.

So to recap: for photography and video shoots, the whole white zone, or green screen area is lit to go! And the new green screen stand also has a floor to go woth it for those top quality full length green screen shoots. And we have all that you would need to hire for any shoot, from LED lights, to microphones to some extra studio stands.

Don’t get dizzy mind….


Bulldog sports shot in the studio…with Kallum Watkins of Leeds Rhinos


And more visuals and spinning of the studio in Leeds

green screen stand at studio hire leeds
Studio Hire Leeds’ new green screen for video

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