“What a great studio to use, and it’s got absolutely everything you will need; love it”

Simon Edward’s from says, “there is no other studio in Leeds like it. You hire the studio and all the lights are there ready to use, and some are on pantographs so you can pull them down to where you want them to be. And I always use an autocue to give my projects that totally professional feel and look”.

The difference between making a professional video or looking amateurish is not as far apart as it used to be! Using green screen, with a teleprompter (autocue), can really take you to Hollywood.

“It will transport your production to the next level without a shadow of doubt”.

At Big Brown Doors Studio in Leeds we work with all kinds of people. From TV production companies to individuals and wannabes….anybody can hire the studio to give their production that professional look!

“We provide green screen for all users. From a pop up green screen for quick head shots, to a green screen frame 2.5m x 5m which can be moved and used on location. Then we have the green screen cloths. A 6m x 3m green screen cloth to cover the wall or a 6m x 3m green screen cloth and a 6m x 3m green screen floor that covers the full area.  You can even go further for those moving shots and have green screen cloths covering the left and right wall also!

Our latest addition is a painted green screen floor to use with a green screen cloth for the wall. This gives the ultimate in green screen studios. Brilliant as Josh from Skyward says. Amazing shots Andy Hardwick from The Awakening Media in Leeds.

Charles in action in the studio….go Charles

These are how the ceiling lights are configured in the studio. Whether it is for green screen or using the white zone it is the same. The ceiling lights are all behind two giant lastolite diffusers, and then there are front facing lights together with four spotlights for you to make use of.

If you need it; we have it at Leeds Studio Hire

• Set builders and special effects painters
• Lighting and background services
• Production – hotels, models, flights, castings
• Photographers – assistants, models, stylists, hair & make-up
• Catering – breakfast, lunches (even brunches)
• Equipment set up services – lots of equipment available to hire
• We have an experienced team to assist you at all times when needed…
• Wi-Fi available/broadband…as if you could do without it – EE (80mb/20mb++)
Canon EOS camera hire (in our studio only) – Canon EOS 5DSR, Canon EOS 90D with lenses
Elinchrom flash equipment and stands