Studio and background hire in Leeds

One day studio hire in Leeds shooting video or photography and it includes all lights using your own background or hire our green screen!

Our 1000 sq ft studio is based in Pudsey, Leeds West Yorkshire. It is situated between Leeds and Bradford, and approximately 10 minutes from the centre of each city. The studio unit is a light industrial unit that has been used for a few different businesses over the years. It started out as a timber yard with the studio area being where the wood was stored, and from that it changed into a double glazing door and window business.

In its final incarnation it became a haulage business, with the wagon sections parked to the left of the studio, where there now stands two detached houses, and the studio area being where the lorries were serviced. The big brown doors were added later by the home owner when it ceased being an industrial unit, and yes that is where we get the name from…Big Brown Doors Studio. The house and land was bought in 2009 by Ady and his wife Claire with the intention of Ady finally having his own studio. So when you arrive at the studio and you are told to park in front of the ‘big brown doors’; you can’t miss them!

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And perhaps the best thing about ,Big Brown Doors Studio Hire’ in Leeds is that it is a single studio, so once that door shuts there is nobody to trouble you. There is a roller shutter door to get larger products or even cars into the studio…but let’s be realistic here, it won’t take a bus?

Overall this studio, even though it is mine, is the best equipped studio around. And that is because I have learnt from visiting and using studios around the country over the last few years, what works and what does not work. We have a ring flash, and a set of Hedler tungsten heads, S35 Fresnel spot light, a motorised slider for video…the list goes on and on.

There is not a lot we don’t have available for hire in the studio, all you have to do is ask the studio manager!

Stepping lane video shoot crew dance Stepping lane video shooting crew having a dance after a successful days shooing in BBD studio in Leeds

If you need it for your shoot, we probably have it at Leeds Studio Hire

• Set builders and special effects set painters
• Lighting and background services
• Production – hotels, models, flights, castings
• Photographers – assistants, models, stylists, hair & make-up
• Catering – breakfast, lunches (even brunches)
• Equipment set up services – lots of equipment available to hire
• We have an experienced team (Ady) to assist you at all times when needed…
• Wi-Fi available/broadband…as if you could do without it – EE (270mb/20mb++)
Canon EOS camera hire (in our studio only) – Canon EOS 5DSR & EOS 90D with lenses
Elinchrom flash equipment and stands