The area for the green screen and infinity cove is 6m wide, by 3m depth with a height of 3m; with all the lights are ceiling mounted and safety harnessed for your protection

A days Studio hire for only £200, including lights & your backgrounds

The most popular hire period is for a full day studio hire with the lights, photography flash or video daylight fluorescent lights, included in the studio hire cost.  Video or photography, we have the right lights for your shoot.

Hire the studio with the ‘green screen’ for a half day including lights for just £170

The studio is 1000 sq ft in size, and is situated in Pudsey, 10 minutes outside of Leeds city centre. We are a hire studio that works with professionals shooting with our green/blue screen, black background and the all white infinity cove. 

There is  3m x 3m roller shutter door for a drive in capability, a model changing room, toilet and kitchen in the studio. Next to the studio is an cabin/office where people can hire for editing, and as another area to do make up/changing if needed. We have for hire also, a ‘green room’ (orangery) to customers which has its own entrance at the side of the house facing onto the garden. People are welcome to sit in the garden weather permitting. The green room has seating, patio doors, and a computer to watch TV or listen to music.

Big Brown Doors Studio is situated next door to the owners house (Adrian) at the end of a cul-de-sac, with parking available for 5/6 cars and then on street parking. The studio is a a couple of minutes walk from the centre of Pudsey, where you can find all the shops you need. We also have the Owlcotes shopping centre 3 minutes away in a car, for Asda and Marks & Spencer shopping if needed. The studio has 24 ceiling mounted daylight balanced video lights with several of the lights on pantographs and sliders for changing positions and each of the light zones (talent front, overhead 1 & 2, side spots and rear spots), turned off/on with a remote control. As well as the video lights there are 5 flash heads ceiling mounted in position to fully light the infinity cove (white zone).

You have 3 Elinchrom flash heads for lighting the rear wall, and three Elinchrom flash heads to light overhead and the talent/front area. And finally there is another Elinchrom flash head ceiling mounted and on a pantograph for side/fill in lighting to suit the creative shooting. The flash heads are in 3 zones for the photographer and each zone has a high powered Elinchrom power pack for the lighting. Each zone is independent of the other so power settings can be adjusted/turned off to suit the creative once again. Transmitters/receivers are all supplied for shooting. There are a number of reflectors stands available FOC, as well as lights available for hire, and can be seen on the website:

The studio is perfect for fitness/fashion imagery because of the 6m wide (3m depth) white zone and has been used many times by companies looking for the extremely clean white background effect using the infinity cove and is only possible because of our experience of lighting in the industry for over 30 years, and wanting that same effect. If you need any further information then please feel free to call and we will be glad to help. And because of the exceptional lighting system we have created it is also fantastic for shooting for chroma key.  Such as green screen and blue screen. If clients have a particular colour background they need and it can be achieved with colorama, then it can be sent directly to us and we will have the wall/floor covered as per requirement and ready for the day/days of the shoot. We can do this by running the roll of colorama horizontally across the studio wall and floor. Alternatively we have covered the wall/floor with fabric. In extreme cases we can paint the infinity cove the colour of your choice, but this does entail an additional days hire cost and paint, to repaint the studio back to white. But we will always try to do what works best for our clients and their project, and will advise accordingly.

FYI for you to digest – A ‘Cyc’ is an abbreviated term for cyclorama, also referred to as a cyclorama wall or cyc wall. You can define a cyclorama as “a curved wall used as a background of a stage set to suggest unlimited space.”

To check the costs of hiring the studio click here. For green screen shooting, and for daylight shooting in the white zone (especially great for video), we have  set up 24x fluorescent/LED, daylight balanced lights, for shooting video cleanly and professionally.

Big brown doors studio hire, green screen hire in leeds

Let us know what you need or what the project is and we will advise accordingly.

Of course there are other things to consider, like…do you need more lights, do you want a tripod, or would you require an assistant, or colorama that we would have ready for you on site, bought from out local Leeds supplier The Flash Centre

Give us a call at Big Brown Doors Studio to chat about your project requirements – 0113 256 8000

Facilities at the studio:

  • We have a kitchen to cook in!

  • We have a model changing room

  • This doubles as an audio recording booth

  • Talk Talk broadband  wi-fi (70/20mb’s)

  • On site parking for 4/5 cars then on street parking

  • Elinchrom flash lighting for photography

  • Colorama & canvas backdrops at extra costs!

  • A 360° 60cm turntable for products video and photography; up to 150kgs

love big brown doors studio - the crew

What you get when you hire this photography & video production studio

  • For photo shoots you get a studio with 7 Elinchrom flash heads, with the front talent facing having soft boxes on, and they are set firing from 3  flash packs – so when you shoot there are no stands to get in your way

  • For video shoots the studio area in the white zone are lit by 24 daylight balanced fluorescent /LED daylight balanced lights 

  • There are plenty of small & large stands as well as 2 boom arms to hire 

Equipment information and useful companies:

The Flash Centre

We are a family business and have been the UK’s leading Studio Lighting Specialists for over twenty-five years. Dedicated to helping you with all your lighting and digital imaging needs, TFC staff have a wealth of experience in the various fields that make up our industry. We will always do our best to help and offer the best advice we can.

Elinchrom Flash
Elinchrom has been at the forefront of photographic lighting technology since the earliest days of studio flash manufacture. A result of constant product refinements and a dedication to research and development, our products are owned and rented by the world’s leading photographers.

Whether you are shooting for pleasure or for profit, Canon EOS digital SLR and Compact System cameras empower you to be creative. State-of-the-art features, superb image quality and intuitive design concepts come together to deliver advanced performance you can rely on and enjoy.

We also have lots of different backgrounds for you to hire so please take a look.


Terms & conditions:

  • Anybody/any company that hires the studio must have their own public liability/personal insurance (company or personal), for any/all persons who work in the studio on their project; for any unforeseen events and breakages that may occur

  • Studio hire must be paid for before the days/period of hire (day by day if more than one day) – BACs payments are accepted means of payment

  • A booked date is only a ‘confirmed guaranteed date’ once payment has been made. We will always give you confirmation

  • All breakages must paid for on the day after getting the appropriate estimate (online/TFC) – BAC’s payments are acceptable for all payments of hiring or damages

  • All studio hire payments are non-refundable. We expect all parties to be professional and fully organised. Any change to this policy is at our discretion as we do understand that things happen! Talk to us as soon as you can if things change please.

  • The acceptance of using our facilities is a complete acceptance of our terms and conditions above – thank you

  • Wi-Fi is available FOC, but service is not guaranteed as it is run by an external company